Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New From mark.!!

Are you a girl who loves pink? Well I am and I have been dying to find a super cute pink nail polish. Actually I've been wanting all pink acrylic nails like Nikki Minaj but I haven't found the one I really love and I'm on a budget. So if you are like me and love girly colors, I have the perfect polish for you. Here it is ladies, my new absolute favorite nail polish. Its the new mark. Nailed it mini nail lacquers in fuscia-istic and stay neutral.
The fuscia-istic is the most amazing color pink I have ever tried in a nail polish. What I love about this polish is 
1. It comes in this cute little bottle, perfect for traveling and storing in your purse. 
2. It doesn't have that strong nail polish smell that most nail polishes have so don't have to worry about killing anyone with these polishes lol.
 3. The color is amazing, I applied this to my nails last night and did not need more than 1 coat of polish!! Take a look: 
So if you love pink this is the color for you!! I have yet to try the stay neutral but I am positive it is as beautiful as the pink. Ask me about getting these beautiful colors. They will be available on my e-boutique after February 24, 2011