Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Homeward bound on an Amtrak train

Have you ever ridden on a train before? Well I have and for the past few years I've been doing it almost every month. Now I'm not gonna say I hate the train but it is not my favorite adventure. It takes almost 6 hours to go from my house to my boyfriends house and I have to take a bus and a train. The best part about the train is the food cart and the electrical plug. Downside no WiFi I mean come on in this day and age and at the price we pay to ride this thing the least they could do is give free WiFi right? Well the next time you feel like traveling, consider taking the train. I suggest signing up at and purchasing points to travel it will save you quite a bit of money.

Photo shoot with the girls from To Decorate Poetry

I recently did a photo shoot with my friends Ona and Adia. They are so amazing and have the sweetest hearts. These girls spent all day on my hair and makeup and then took over 90 pictures of me just because I asked if they would. I absolutely love how the pictures turned out. I wanted to get a shout out to them and their business on etsy called To Decorate Poetry. They sell vintage clothing, jewelry and some artwork.
Please check them out at . Now to show you some of my favorite pics

Super hard to stand on a small log in 6 inch heels
We laughed so hard when we were taking this picture because its supposed to be like I'm looking at a flower but there is no flower.
I feel like this one is in a dream...
Smoking hot by the fire place lol jk
This is my absolute favorite picture itt really brings out the blue in my eyes
Thank you so much are amazing!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011