About Me

My name is Candyce Sweidan and I am your average 25 year old girl. I love fashion, makeup, music, and anything girly...Hello Kitty!!. I am finishing up my Bachelor's of Science in Health Administration/Long-Term Care at the University of Phoenix. This has definitely been an exciting journey and I cannot wait to start my career, helping others. Currently I do school from home which gives me a lot of free time. I love to watch all the YouTube Makeup Gurus...Kandee Johnson, and Elisa from Pursebuzz. Watching the videos is what got me interested in becoming a Mark.Girl! Its only been a couple weeks since I started my Mark. business and already I am hooked. I spend all day thinking of ways to promote myself and my business so that I can make a real go at  this. My mentor and fellow Mark.Girls are definitely an inspiration to me and I cannot wait to see where this takes me in life. I hope you will join me on this journey of life as I share with you what I'm learning and the products that Mark. has to offer.

Love and Lipgloss, Your Mark.Girl

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