Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Homeward bound on an Amtrak train

Have you ever ridden on a train before? Well I have and for the past few years I've been doing it almost every month. Now I'm not gonna say I hate the train but it is not my favorite adventure. It takes almost 6 hours to go from my house to my boyfriends house and I have to take a bus and a train. The best part about the train is the food cart and the electrical plug. Downside no WiFi I mean come on in this day and age and at the price we pay to ride this thing the least they could do is give free WiFi right? Well the next time you feel like traveling, consider taking the train. I suggest signing up at and purchasing points to travel it will save you quite a bit of money.


  1. Good advice! I love the train! I'm trying to get my lover to take me down to Sea World and we'll probably ride the train because it's so fun! You need a book my friend! Screw Wi-Fi all our brains are going to be fried by the time we're 30!


  2. Haha that's true but the internet would still be nice then I could downloadbooks lol